Can You Rent a Laptop for a Week  



Q: Can You Rent a Laptop for a Week?

A: Yes!  Rentech Solutions Offers One Week and Weekly Laptop Rentals!

               Most commonly, our customers are looking to rent laptops for about a week. At Rentech Solutions, we can offer very low pricing for weekly laptop rentals. On average, the cost to rent a laptop for a week begins around $99.00. If you are hosting a multiple day conference, training seminar, class, or other event, consider the benefits of renting laptop computers. We can custom image and deliver your rental laptops directly to your event site, saving you important time as well as money.  

If your event or need ends up going longer than the one week rental period, we offer prorated laptop rental extensions at very low costs.  As always, we can offer deep discounts on large quantity laptop rentals for a week as well. Contact Rentech Solutions any time for more information and a fast, free estimate on renting laptops for a week.