About Rentech

Rentech Solutions is a company that is dedicated to catering to our customer’s needs. We have several years experience in assisting our customers with their events requiring the use of computer rentals, laptop rentals, and projector rentals. We believe that meeting our customer’s needs helps to ensure a long lasting business relationship. Rentech Solutions has a long successful history of retaining customers. Our repeat business is very important to our company’s objectives. We will treat every account the same regardless of size. Each customer we obtain is highly valued and appreciated.

We hope that you will feel confident in doing business with our company. Once you have placed orders with Rentech Solutions we feel that you will see the difference between the way we facilitate rentals and the rest of the industry.  Rentech will also make sure that the highest quality rental equipment is delivered with inventory being consistently updated. We are also one of the most competitive audio visual and computer rental companies in the industry. We will take the extra measures to make sure that you are satisfied with your decision to use our services. Please contact Rentech Solutions to discover how we are able to meet your business objectives by providing the rental support services that you need. Once you have done business with us we are confident that you will continue to work with Rentech for years to come.

Future Growth Plans

Rentech Solutions is a company that is highly motivated for growth to meet our client's increasing demands. We have several business plans in place to open up several more offices to increase our local presence in key target cities. Those cities will include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, and Miami. More plans are also in place to expand out west to cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, and Seattle. These offices will be open in the next year and a half. Contact our Regional Marketing Manager at Rentech Solutions for more details regarding future expansion plans.  

Rentech Solutions

Global Reach

Rentech Solutions has now started renting computer and audio visual equipment on a global scale. We have expanded our operations into the country of Peru partnering with a leading provider in that country. We have also began working on expanding into Canada. More expansion is expected into several more Countries in the coming future.

Employee Diversity

Rentech Solutions provides a wonderful work environment for our employees. We are very proud of the diverse work force we have and the amount of different nationalities we have among our staff. We truly are an equal opportunity employer and strive to be the best rental company to work for in the industry. Please send us an email to see what existing positions we may currently have available.

Rentech Website Credits

We would like to thank the many individuals for writing and assisting in the creation of this site. Most importantly we would like to publicly recoginze Mark Shust for his graphical design, layout, framework, custom coding, and custom database design. Without Mark this site would have never been what it came to be and do to his dedication and creativity he has greatly contributed to the success of our company. Thank you again for everything Mark, our staff sincerely appreciates your hard work and attention to detail.