Laptop Reno Rentals

              Laptop rental is an efficient cost effective way of conducting business in Reno. Offsite meetings at The Plaza Hotel and Conference Center can be handled without the hassle of transporting your own laptop. The convenience of not having to fly with portions of your home office is furthered by our state of the art technology being delivered right to your hotel or point of conference. Reno laptop leases are available at the lowest rental rates in Nevada. Rentech Solutions pre images your specific software to increase productivity and eliminate setup time. All of our Reno laptop leases come with a mouse, accessories and a high quality carrying case. Renting a laptop in Reno will really take the hassle out of a sales professional’s ever changing busy schedule. Contact Rentech Solutions dedicated account supervisors and custom create your own laptop lease solution.
“Rentech has been excellent to deal with and I would recommend them for future rentals.”
— L. Havey
Rentech Solutions Does Not Maintain Local Facilities In All Areas Serviced.